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Alpha Dog has over 30 cumulative years experience with engineering and design. This experience, combined with the latest hardware and software technology, enables us to develop at a cadence unimanageable to our competitors. It also enables us to deliver custom designs to consumers quickly and affordably.


We have over 30 years cumulative experience in Industrial Design and a very refined process for developing new products. All of our work is original, developed from a clean sheet of paper. One of our favorite sayings is, "Those who can, DO. Those that can't, COPY!"


We have over 20 years cumulative experience in Engineering products for manufacturing. This experience helps ensure precision in every detail..


We're powered by MAC running Parrelles to proved simultaneous MAC and PC operating systems. MAC excels with running full Adobe Master Collection while PC excels with all CAD related software. Our integration of the two environments helps unleash the full power of our creativity.

3D Scanning

Alpha Dog utilizes 3D scanning technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and control.

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanner can achieve sub 100 micron accuracy; that's the width of human hair. This level of accuracy eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of reverse engineering of slides and frames. 3D scanning translates into a significant cost savings for the customer.

Laser Equipment

Alpha Dog uses a high power, state-of-the-art Keyence fiber laser with 3D capabilities.
Our choice of laser system offers significant advantages over the lesser expensive models our competitors use.

3D Capability

Our laser has 3D capabilities built in. It enables us to engrave on complex surfaces where other lasers can only engrave on flat surfaces.


With detail capabilites of up to .08mm (.003"), "precision" is an understatement. Our laser can achieve detail only visible through a microscope.


Reaching speeds of 12,000 mm/s (472.44"/s) our laser is FAST, nearly 30 MPH without a loss in resolution or precision.

Low Energy Consumption

A full day of usage only consumes a pocket change worth of energy. Efficiency like this translates to lower costs for our services.

CNC Machining

Alpha Dog utilizes CNC machining for all our milling operations. CNC machines are used for production because of their accuracy, control, consistency and time-saving efficiency.


We use Hurco 3-axis CNC machines, no manual milling for us. Our Hurcos provide the level of accuracy and control we need over our machining operations and improve effieincy 100x over manual milling. With spindle speeds of 12,000 rpm, machine time is limited which translates into lowers costs to the consumer.

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