Slide & Barrel Porting for Glocks

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The Alpha Dog “Slide & Barrel Porting for Glocks” is the perfect subtle addition to any Glock frame which aids in the shooters accuracy and control, especially subcompacts.

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The Alpha Dog “Slide & Barrel Porting for Glocks” is the perfect subtle addition to any Glock frame which aids in the shooters accuracy and control, especially subcompacts.  Our porting creates matching slots at the 10 and 2 o’clock position on the barrel and slide of your Glock.  These slots allow the rapidly expanding gasses to escape at 45 degree angles from your line of sight.  It forces the muzzle downward, countering the typical muzzle rise.

Why do we port at 10 and 2 o’clock instead of 12 o’clock?  Simple…12 o’clock porting has a tendency to do three things.  First, it can damage iron sights.  Second, it creates a muzzle flash directly in your sight picture. Third, it can exaggerate an improper grip.  When the escaping gasses push the muzzle straight down, an uneven grip purchase will tend to move the muzzle down right or left.  In those instances, it takes longer to reacquire your sight picture/alignment.  Our 45 degree porting self centers the muzzle and counters any possible improper grip purchase.

Sub compact Glocks tend to have very significant muzzle rise due to their small size and light weight.  While the size and weight is great for a CCW, users find that they have a difficulty reacquiring the target after each shot.  Our Slide & Barrel Porting for Glocks will eliminated the excessive muzzle rise and help you increase your accuracy and control.

This and all of Alpha Dogs slide milling patterns are 100% CNC machined which increases milling accuracy and finish quality.

NOTE: Do not use reloads, +P or other types of over pressure ammunition with this porting.  If used it could result in damage to your frame.

NOTE: When a barrel is vented (ported) under a slide, more than normal carbon buildup will occur.  It is highly recommended to disassembly and thoroughly clean barrel, guiderod assembly and frame after each use.

NOTE: This is only available for Glock slides and is for milling service on a customer supplied slide ONLY.  Unless selected as an option above, the milling cost does NOT include slide refinishing (Cerakote).  Milled areas will remove the slides coating and expose raw steel which will rust if left untreated.  

***This milling design does NOT look 100% identical on all Glock model slides.  Slide pictured is a G43x.  Milling patterns must be adjusted for model and generation.***

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Available for all Glock models, Black Glock frames ONLY.


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