Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Stipple a non-Glock frame?

Not all polymers are the same. Black Glock frames are made from a special material that can be laser stippled with a Fiber laser like ours. All other frames are a nylon/fiberglass hybrid material that require a completely different type of laser than ours. If we put those frames under our laser they would tunr into a pile of goo. Therefore, we can only laser stipple Black Glock Frames.

Do I have to ship through an FFL?

The short answer is no.
Federal Law permits firearm owners to ship their serialized parts into a licensed FFL for Service or Gunsmithing directly, without the need of going through a third party FFL. We are an FFL and your serialized parts gets logged into and out of our ATF Gunsmithing books. Once the work is completed, we are permitted by law to ship your serialized part directly back to you. We are only permitted to ship to the same address listed on our work order.

What is your lead time?

Lead times change daily based on new arrivals and throughput. They typically average around 4 weeks for standard offerings, but can be 6-8 weeks, or even longer, for custom work. The work we do is highly specialized and takes time. If you only have one firearm and are concerned about the length of time it may take to have it customized, we would recommend you consider purchasing a backup before considering the customization route.

Do you offer LE/MIL?First Responder Discounts?

Yes, absolutely.  We offer a 10% discount  for LE/MIL/First Responders.  Process your order as normal and do one of the following:

1. Send a copy of your Service ID in with your order, or

2. Send a Branch, Unit or Department patch in with your order.

Once we receive one of these two items, we will refund 10% of your order.  Thank you for serving.

Can I pay extra to have my work completed sooner?

This question can be interpreted numerous ways. We’ll try to answer all of them so our position on this is crystal clear.
~ Are you willing to screw your other customers who have been waiting patiently for their items? Hell No.
~ Are you willing to work additional hours, above the 10-12 hrs per day, 7 days per week that you already work, to get my stuff done sooner? Nope.
~ Can you prioritize my work over others because I want it sooner? Not gonna happen.
~ But, it’s my only gun…see the previous response AND thats not our problem!

I'm local. Can I drop off and pick up?

Yes, however we are by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled during specific times every day and are only made via our online booking. You can make an appointment by clicking this link.

Are you a gun shop that I can visit?

We have a small showroom, but we don’t carry a traditional inventory firearms for sale. Our facility is primarily a manufacturing facility that is not conducive to walk in customers. For this reason, we are by appointment only as mentioned in the previous question.

Are you an FFL? Can I transfer a firearm I purchased online through you?

Yes, we are a 07 FFL (Manufacturer) with our SOT. We welcome local transfers of any firearm type including NFA items. If you are looking to have us conduct a transfer for you, please send us an email with the sellers info, your order number (if applicable) so that we can send them a copy of our paperwork.

Whats your grippiest Laser Stippling texture?

We rate our stippling textures from Mild – Aggressive.  Our most aggressive texture is our “80 Grit”.  It is significantly more rough than skateboard grip tape.

Can you do NFA engraving?

Yes, absolutely.  Visit our engraving page to order.  We offer a “while you wait” service for locals who prefer to bring their item in person.

Can I request changes to your milling or stippling patterns?

Yes, absolutely.  Any modifications to our stock offerings will require entirely new CNC programing for that item.  This is the case no matter how big or small the change request is.  We bill at $150/hr for custom programming with a minimum of 1 hour billed.

Can you copy a design I found online?

We won’t copy someone else’s work.  If you are looking to use someone else’s design as inspiration for custom work, thats acceptable, but if you want us to copy their work 100% we won’t do it.  You are better off going to them directly for the work.

Can you use any logo for engraving or stippling?

The short answer is yes, but there is a HUGE caveat.  You must be the intellectual property owner for us to use a logo that you provide.  If you are not the intellectual property owner, we can not legally use another brands logo without their expressed written consent.  You will need to provide a one time use authorization from the brand’s owner, on their letterhead for us to engrave or stipple a logo that you do not own.  Any further questions about the legal use of a trademarked logo can be found HERE.

How much shipping insurance should I select at checkout?

You should select shipping insurance equal to the replacement value of your firearm + the value of the work we did for you.

EXAMPLE:  The Glock 43X cost is $615 + $189 stippling + $75 Cerakote + $40 trigger guard undercut + $35 shipping = $954…insure for $1000.

We highly recommend not trying to cut costs by selecting low insured value.  If you firearm or parts are lost or stolen during transit, you will only be reimbursed by the shipping company for the amount you insured for.

What happens if my firearm or parts are lost or stolen during shipping?

You need to do the following:

  1.  Advise us as soon as possible that your item did not arrive.  As an FFL, we must contact local authorities and the ATF when a serialized part is lost or stolen.
  2. Contact the shipping company and file a lost/stolen claim. (you will be provided your tracking number upon shipping) Provide all of your receipts for the contents of the package. (firearm purchase, as well as, receipt for the work we performed)
  3. Stay on top of the shipping company regarding your claim.  Once your claim is processed and approved, you will be sent reimbursement for the insured value.

We are not responsible for items once they leave our facility!  We will not chase the shipping company for you.  We will not pursue reimbursement for insured value and we will not replace your parts if a shipping company looses them.  We have no control over what happens when they leave our custody.

PDF Downloads

Customers looking for engraving should use the below .PDF's to communicate engraving location to us.

Engraving Placement - NFA SBR

Download this .PDF for placement instruction for NFA engraving on your Form 1 suppressor.


Engraving Placement - NFA Suppressor

Download this .PDF for placement instruction on NFA engraving for your Form 1 suppressor.

Suppressor PDF

Engraving Placement - Glock Slide

Download this .PDF for placement instruction for engraving on your Glock Slide.

Glock PDF