Alpha Dog uses a high power, state-of-the-art Keyence fiber laser with 3D capabilities.
Our choice of laser system offers significant advantages over the lesser expensive models our competitors use.

3D Capability


Our laser has 3D capabilities built in. It enables us to engrave on complex surfaces where other lasers can only engrave on flat surfaces.  Its this capability that enables us to create 360 degree Laser Stippling where most inferior lasers can only effectively stipple on flat surfaces.



With detail capabilities of up to .08mm (.003″), “precision” is an understatement. Our laser can achieve detail only visible through a microscope.



Reaching speeds of 12,000 mm/s (472.44″/s) our laser is FAST, nearly 30 MPH without a loss in resolution or precision.

Low Energy Consumption


A full day of usage only consumes a pocket change worth of energy. Efficiency like this translates to lower costs for our services.


Even with this state of the Art equipment, the laser is only a small part of the equation to create beautiful Laser Stippling and Laser Engravings.  The rest of the equation is our team who creates proprietary vector artwork, design/develop proprietary fixtures, program the laser, etc


Anyone can buy a laser, but few have what it takes to use it effectively

-Alpha Dog’s Laser Operator

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  • Attila Bethlenfalvy
    Posted July 19, 2021 12:26 am 0Likes

    I like what I see so far!

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