Welcome to Alpha Dog Arms

Alpha Dog Arms was started by its owner, Aaron Bethlenfalvy, in 2014. A lifelong shooting sports participant, Aaron holds a degree in Industrial Design with a specialization in Product Design from The Ohio State University. Immediately upon graduation, he was recruited by the cycling brand, GT Bicycles, in Southern California. After spending 25 years in the cycling industry as a designer, design director and, finally, Global VP of Design, a career change was desperately needed. The passion was lost. Managing a large staff of "artistic" talent in an industry comprised of people whom had views diametrically opposed to that of his own was both mentally and physically exhausting. Aaron started Alpha Dog Arms with a simple goal in mind. Start enjoying what he does for a living again. Combining his honed creative and fabrication talents with his love for the shooting sports was exactly what he needed.

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Aaron has over 30 years cumulative experience in Industrial Design and a very refined process for developing new products. All of his work is original, developed from a clean sheet of paper. One of his favorite sayings is, “Those who can, DO. Those that can’t, COPY!”

Aaron has over 20 years cumulative experience in Engineering products for manufacturing. This experience helps ensure precision in every detail.

Alpha Dog is powered by MAC running Parallels to provide simultaneous MAC and PC operating systems. MAC excels with running full Adobe Master Collection while PC excels with all CAD related software. Our integration of the two environments helps unleash the full power of our creativity.

Since its inception, Alpha Dog has grown to one of the leaders in Glock customization.  Aaron added the right equipment to handle most any customization requests in a way that ensures the highest level of quality and efficiency. His Hurco CNC machine ensures highly precise slide milling operations and optic cuts. Unlike slide milling operations performed on a manual machine, a CNC machine can accomplish precision more quickly, as well as, contour milling unachievable otherwise. This translates to more creative slide milling designs, optic milling that fits the optic more precisely and lower costs for you.

CNC machines, of course, require a significant amount of programing.  All items to be machined must first be reverse engineered (or designed from scratch) in a 3D CAD system.  To lessen the burden of the task, Aaron added a 3D scanner.  The 3D scanner can achieve sub 100 micron accuracy; that’s the width of human hair. This level of accuracy eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of reverse engineering of slides and frames. 3D scanning translates into a significant cost savings to the customer.

Aaron’s choice of laser engraver is also rather unique to the industry. He chose a 3D capable 40W fiber laser. Most lasers do not have 3D capability, meaning they can only engrave effectively on flat surfaces. It’s for this reason, most of those in the industry only offer “Laser Stippling” on the sides of a frame. Alpha Dog’s laser, however, will map the texture around all contours of the frame once programed to do so. This process is significantly more involved. It requires 10X the amount of programming, but the result is 10x more glorious.

Alpha Dog also has full welding capabilities in house as well. Mig and Tig welding specifically. These capabilities are most often utilized for drill/pin/weld of muzzle brakes to meet specific ATF requirements and/or local “Assault Weapon” evil feature removal.

Alpha Dog’s Cerakote capabilities are equally as robust. Not only do we have the typical spray equipment, oven and bead blasting equipment, we also have state of the art vinyl cutting capabilities for masking decals. This, combined with Aaron’s 30+ year tenure as a seasoned designer, opens a world of possibilities for custom Cerakote applications.

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